This video was mostly done as a way to cope with the information that I have to contain in order for people to not know that I have some tendencies that aren’t necessarily normal. Just know I guess for the first time in a long time I feel “normal”. 

When I was younger (and even to this day) people told me what a virtue it is to be “different”. While I’ll continue being a little eccentric, I don’t think people completely understand that value of a mind that works well. I think I finally have that. 

I’ll see you tomorrow, and I hope all is well for anyone reading these.  

While there isn’t much to cover outside of this video I figure I should at least include a photo of the drawing that I insult with much hostility at the end of this video. 

The assignment was that we were supposed to draw what it was like on the day we were born. Obviously I had a high opinion of myself as a young one. My parents weren’t that happy to have me. If anything my mom was just really happy because of all the drugs they injected into her. 

Love yourself and your neighborhood watchdog. 

I decided to do VEDA. That’s right I made a definitive decision. This is a rare thing in my life and now that I’ve made one, I don’t need to make another one for at least another week. 

Vlogging is something that I’ve been doing on and off since I was about 14. Whenever I don’t do it I feel as if I’ve let something lovely slip through my fingers. YouTube and making mundane videos allowed me to make friends and it even has provided me with small opportunities that I never would have otherwise had. Some people have even watched my videos for as long as I have been making them. They’ve literally watched me grow up. That’s mind boggling.

I’ll never be famous off the internet. I’m at peace with this fact. I just like having a small corner of it be mine sometimes. So that’s what I’m trying to do. Again. 

Thanks for reading if you’ve gotten this far. Thanks for watching. 

To those that occasionally stop by:

Once again this domain has been neglected and remained inactive for an inexcusable amount of time. For some reason people still occasionally stumble across it and promptly leave. It’s rather entertaining to me. I have no idea. It’s really not that entertaining is it? 

Eventaully I hope to actually get this thing rolling and post videos, and text-based entries that no one, except for the few, will find remotely interesting. At the end of the day I’m still just another annoying individual with a blog that people will either become enamoured with for empty headed reasons, or despise and prompty express their hate. That is the way of the internet. This is how it shall remain.

If you are reading this and want to know more about what else I’ve done on the internet, click the links in the top navigation. I update other forms of social networking much more frequently than this lovely little thing. 

Thank you and stop drinking Pepsi! Seriously, that stuff is disgusting.